Vocal method of Inna Ligum
In my singing method, I have broken down the voice into atoms and molecules. Each voice needs its own special formula, and my system allows everyone to find this miracle formula for their own voice.

Find your voice in your body and learn how to use it!

Is it you?
Adults, children and teens who want to learn to sing.
People who already sing and want to sing better.
People who are looking for singing lessons to improve their voice...
Singers who want to work professionally.
Singer and vocal coach Inna Ligum
Work experience
15 years
( Ukraine, Germany, USA )
Singing lessons
How do the
lessons work?

School address: Wiesenstr. 3, 69190 Walldorf (near Heidelberg)
Duration and frequency of lessons: once a week 45 minutes
An individual program, vocal exercises and song repertoire for your voice
Working with the microphone, recording experience in the studio
Staging and working with the audience
Оnce a week
Duration and frequency of lessons: once a week 45 minutes
The teaching process has proved to be successful, a program with special features for online education has been developed and tested.
A unique system for working with body and voice. The author of the method Inna Ligum developed it on the basis of the personal experience as a singer and the best schools and singing techniques: Belcanto, Functional Vocal, Seth Rigs System, Revival of Natural Voice, etc.

An individual program is developed for each student. This takes into account their goals, strengths and weaknesses for the optimal development of their voice.
Advantages of online lessons: constant control of face, time and flexibility.
I will guide you personally into the world of the voice.
The first lesson
Single lesson
49 €
A workshop for 3 lessons
135 €
Weekly lessons 1 year subscription
129 €
Weekly lessons Subscription 6 months
160 €
1 time per two weeks Subscription for 1 year
90 €
Student discount
* if you continue your studies
About Inna
The founder of the „Haus des Singens" Inna Ligum came to Europe from Ukraine to realize her unimaginable dream: to become a singer!
And she made it! Inna gives solo concerts and various projects and releases her own songs.
Vocal coaching for her is a matter of supporting people on their way to music and to their ideal, unique voice.
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Vocal School Adress

Wiesenstrasse 3, 69190 Walldorf

300 m to Wiesloch / Walldorf train and bus station

Large music store (Session Music) attached

Cafés, restaurants in the immediate vicinity

Route Description

Wiesenstrasse 3, 69190 Walldorf

1.5 km to the

A5 (connection "Walldorf") and

A6 (junction "Wiesloch Rauenberg")

Wiesenstr. 3 69190 Walldorf

E-mail: contact@innaligum.com
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